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Illuminating Shadows Alchemy is composed of just myself, a Native American artist and jeweler in the Bay Area. Always having a passion for the arts, there was a long evolution before Illuminating Shadows Alchemy was formed. Being Indigenous, the draw to the beauty of nature seemed innate and inevitable. My family embraced the mystical side of Native traditions and my interest and passion for all things mystical, occult, and esoteric further blossomed.
My path of creation has shifted and grown overtime. I am self-taught and am constantly learning how to better my creations and my business. I use many different crafting techniques such as copper electroforming, Tiffany soldering, Native bead looming, macramé, and wire wrapping.

Electroforming: Similar to alchemy, this process utilizes common substances such as clay, copper, sulfur, salt to transmute it into something magical. These jewelry pieces are all handmade with natural materials. Crystals, clay, and copper come together to form the structure of pendant. After a couple days of numerous stages of forming and drying, a processed called electroforming then ensues. This takes place by submerging the pendant into an acid-based bath surrounded by copper plates and electrifying it. The pendant then sits in the bath for 12+ hours. During this bath, copper adheres and grows on the clay making the piece strong. After being throughly washed, a patina and wax are applied to darken and seal the piece. 

Tiffany soldering: typically used for stained glass. This method involves wrapping the pieces of glass with copper and soldering them together with a mixed metal along the length of the seams. This techniques gives such a rustic, unique style to jewelry. Unlike silversmithing it doesn't yield the perfect casing for the stone but rather brings it to life with texture. I love watching the solder flow and melt around the crystals...

Regardless of the techniques I use, every piece is created with love, thought, and raw or tumbled crystals. As a one-woman show, I truly appreciate every customer. Everything sold in my shop is made by hand! Each piece is crafted with love and joy through the beauty of magick. I love taking materials, applying creativity, and combining in a way to make a whole new unique product ready to be loved by you! Previous to shipping, all items are smudged with sage which cleanses and blesses. It is my passion to create, so thank you for allowing this to be so.

Feel free to email or message me with questions or concerns, however I am not currently doing custom orders.
Thanks for reading and supporting small business!  

Ihe edn! (Thank you!) 
illuminatingshadows93 [at] gmail.com

***Things to remember if purchasing copper jewelry:

Copper jewlery is very special & may patina (age or darken) on it's own.
With proper care you can keep your ring as dark or as shiny as you'd like.

(If you'd like to keep it shiny. A polished pad & proper storage will do the trick.
If you love the oxidized look just let nature take control & watch your ring take a darker shade with every wear.)

A patina is sometimes used to darken the copper to get a more earthly raw look.

Depending on how the piece was polished, each piece varies in it's own color. Some pieces might be darker/lighter then others.

I make sure to seal my jewlery with a wax polish when completed...even then your finger may turn green.
This can easily be removed by gently rubbing your finger with soap & warm water.
Not all people who wear copper jewlery turn green.
Turning green can be prevented by sealing your ring with clear nail polish around the rim of the ring or a water based acrylic after the one I have used has worn off.

It is recommended that you remove your pieces when showering, sleeping, or coming in contact with rough chemicals.

Just like anything that you love and adore, your jewelry needs to be cared for and treated with love.

Place it in a nice box or jewelry pouch to prolong the life of your gems.

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